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 Rebate Upto 2% 

👉 Smart Buyers can earn money in the form of Rebate  for upto 2 % of the purchase price 

👉 Rebate will be  reflected on HUD Closing statement which could be used for closing costs

👉 See ANY property the same day  .  Click to Schedule 

👉 Dedicated local agents covering every neighbourhood  .

👉 We help you identify your dream house

👉 Schedule & Show


👉 Negotiate and Draft Offer


👉 Help obtain Mortgage financing 


👉 Close in on your Dream Home

👉 Less Houses we schedule and show Higher the Rebate

👉 More Houses we schedule and show, lesser gets the Rebate . 

👉  Dedicated Professional Realtor services all the way upto closing & beyond


 👉 Hard & Smart Negotiation on  offer submission   to get the property on the best price                            possible , as we take right negotiation comps to the table .


👉 Submitting written contracts, home inspection & appraisal issues, follow thru with 

          attorney's, lenders, title company etc...all the way up to closing & beyond.


👉  Reach the Realtor anytime, not just Email Q & A , Call or Text  Realtor  12 x 7 

👉    Contact Now    


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